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Susan Petrie
Content strategy
Science communication



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If you have writing, editing,
or communications projects,
I can help.

My name is Susan Petrie and I have worked professionally with text for two decades. From memoirs to magazines to mindfulness blogs, I have polished prose and helped  writers manage and organize their ideas. I understand words, effective communication, and the importance of expressing oneself with clarity and confidence.


My background includes:

  • technical and creative content management

  • ability and motivation to translate technical concepts for lay readers

  • technical editing

  • print and digital strategies

  • successfully curated conversations with specialized audiences including researchers, business community, nurses, veterans, and higher education

  • specialized understanding of photonics, optics, imaging, and their applications

  • specialized understanding of creative writing

From 2018-2020, I was senior editor of Photonics Spectra, a B2B print and digital publication covering light-based technologies. I understand components, systems, and applications that include optics, imaging, lasers, lidar, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and more. I also understand some of the ethical implications of these technologies. I've worked closely with researchers and business people from NASA, CERN, New York's Optics Valley, and many others. Additionally, I hold an MFA in creative writing from Bennington College.

Recent editing/writing projects:

MindEQ: Mindfulness & Tech (2020)

Haskel Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Comparing Zero-Emission Vehicles (2020)
American Nurse (2020)

SPIEs Photonics Focus (Jan 2021) Data Communications

Laser Focus World (Jan 2021) - Pioneering the petawatt regime at ELI - Extreme Light Infrastructure



Relax, you've got a pro.

Susan Petrie Publishing




Write/ edit blogs. Tailor website content to audience. Edit reports.

Free 30-minute consult.

Book Now


Edit or prep technical articles for publication. Assistance with images, references, etc. Free 30-minute consult.

Book Now


Line editing, proofreading, technical feedback. Publishing strategy.  Publishing industry. Free 30-minute consult.

Book Now

Business needs? I can:

  • write blog posts, bios, board reports, or e-newsletters

  • discuss and strategize best practices for communications projects

Send an email! Let's discuss what you need and we'll make it happen.

Scientist or researcher? I can:

  • help translate or humanize complex work for a general audience

  • help finish technical articles, proposals, or white papers

  • assist with e-newsletters, blogs, personal, or professional communication


Creative writer or first-time author? I can:

  • offer feedback on essays, poems, or short stories

  • finalize your manuscript for publication

  • explain the publishing process

As the former director of a nonfiction press, I understand the long tail of publishing. If you have any questions at all about bookmaking or publishing, I'm your resource. I'll guide you toward the best model, save you time and money, and increase your knowledge and confidence. Get in touch!

When you send me an email we can set up a time to discuss your project.
Your initial 30-minute consult is free. I look forward to hearing from you!


"Sue championed our work and guided us through the long and sometimes difficult process of moving from an idea
to the printed page."

See Me for Who I Am
Student Veterans' Stories of War
& Coming Home

"Sue learned the quirks of my personality and navigated them expertly, and she managed my first-time-author angst like a true professional." 


AMY RYAN, author
Shot: Staying Alive with Diabetes

"Sue knows the business inside and out, from writing to printing to selling. Every time I work with her, I'm impressed."



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